Thermal camera for temperature control and facial recognition.

Capacitive Multitouch Panel
August 2, 2020
Capacitive Multitouch Panel
August 2, 2020

This state-of-the-art facial recognition body temperature terminal uses professional infrared modules and recognition algorithms, with high performance, fast recognition speed, long life

1 Multimode selection

Mode 1: Infrared temperature measurement + facial recognition permission check.
Enter personnel information into the management platform (access control point) body temperature facial recognition detection to verify the identity judge’s access control authority. If facial recognition authentication fails, the temperature can still be measured, but there is no accesscontrol; the management platform records the temperature and access control data corresponding to thepersonal. It is suitable for the entry and exit of designated personnel, such as factories, schools, office buildings, residential areas, etc. Meet the internal staff recognition requirements for the prohibition of entry and detection of body temperature.

Mode 2: fast infrared temperature measurement mode
No need to enter personnel information in the management platform, infrared body temperature. Detection can be performed on anyone when powered on, no access control is required. It is suitable for public places such as shopping malls, subways, railway stations, scenic spots, and other non-designated personnel without access control rights.

Mode 3: mask reminder mode
In modes one and two, click the “mask detection attribute” in the management platform, you can realize the voice reminder for the person without the mask, without affecting the temperature measurement and facial recognition.

2 features

2.1 Accurate Body Temperature Detection Capabilities

This facial recognition terminal integrates thermal images of the infrared focal plane
Temperature screening module, support 0.5-1.2M long distance temperature screening, error less than 0.3 ° C, recognition speed less than 300ms, real-time temperature display immediately when temperature body is abnormal.

2.2 Strong facial recognition performance

This facial recognition terminal is built with facial recognition algorithm, with high precision and fast speed. It also supports accurate recognition in the case of side faces, semi-occlusion, and blur, especially in epidemic situations. You can detect if to wear a mask first, send a voice reminder for not wearing a mask, and then perform temperature detection and facial recognition for the person who has wearing a mask. The relevant parameters are as follows:

Facial recognition:

  • Facial recognition accuracy: 99.99% (1: 1, FRR 1%)
  • Live Body Detection Accuracy: 0.01% (false recognition rate)
  • Life detection distance: 0.5-2 meters
  • Recognition speed: <300ms (Face Database 20000) Smart Recognition: Support 1: 1 face comparison, Support 1: N face search Mask Recognition: Face Recognition Rate: > 92% (20,000 human database)
  • Body temperature detection distance: 0.4m ~ 1.2m
  • Reminder: no mask reminder, abnormal temperature reminder.

2.3 Maximum 50000-sided database

Based on the 20000 face database, the recognition speed of this facial recognition terminal is slower
300 MS, and supports expansion to 50,000 facial databases, fully meeting the needs of facial recognition passage scenarios.

2.4 120DB ultra wide dynamic

This facial recognition terminal adopts 2 million pixels binocular living body recognition camera, built-in fill light, 120DB ultra-wide dynamics, without fear of backlight and dark light

2.5 Online / offline mode can be changed

The device terminal supports online and offline modes, and the device administrator can
change the identification mode according to the actual situation. In offline mode, facial recognition
It can be accomplished without an internet connection.

2.6 Supports multiple peripheral expansion

Supports various peripheral expansions, such as ID card reader, fingerprint reader, IC card
reader, QR code reader, door, door sensor, etc.

2.7 Built-in high-performance ISP

The built-in high-performance ISP can restore scene details under different optical conditions.
and guarantee the quality of the image.

2.8 Rich interface, worry-free installation

It has a full specification tail cable to meet the needs of most scenarios. It has a relay for
control door opening, including power supply, USB, RJ45, lock control and RS232 / UART (multiple interfaces, optional)

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