Reinvent the way of doing classes

All screens have Android systems, applications, and Windows software for a better interactive experience. Get to know them!

CC series

The annotation tool on our interactive displays can be used on all active operating systems, including timers, counters, spotlights, etc. Up to 30 connected students can work on our screen at the same time so they can vote from any mobile device.

EE series

Our interactive displays of the EE series is a new model that maintains the efficient tools for the classroom, and now adds the recognition of 2 pencils in simultaneous use, in order to integrate more students and better collaboration between them when using this screen. Interactive, this model now supports 4K resolution for all operating systems, allowing clear and colorful visibility of images and texts, also with eye care features for our students, with anti-glare glass and no blue light emission.

If you have a favorite app, use it! On our screens you can use the application that you like the most, and not only use the application that you like the most, but you can also use the operating system you want, Mac, Windows, Linux, and Android.

Connect with individual students through one-to-one device sharing.

Capture the collective imagination in interactive group lessons around the cell phone or tablet.

Encourage learning outside the classroom by recording lessons that students can learn at home